April 2024
see. hear. act.



Multiple days and places throughout April 2024. Please see our events page for more information.


In 1970, with the founding of Earth Day, millions of people around the world called for urgent action as a result of seeing their environment deteriorate in front of their eyes – smog covering the sky, rivers were on fire, and whales and other species were on the brink of extinction. Further alarm was caused by the nuclear age, bringing up the possibility of a human extinction.

However, people did not despair – they organized, protested and demanded their political and economic systems catch up with the scientific reality that we must pay attention to nature. The result was cleaner air and water, and a species rebound. Public pressure helped to bring about nuclear treaties and an end to the Cold War.

This progress is under threat. The latest IPCC Report indicates that the climate is changing faster and having greater impacts than previously feared. We need to address the disproportionate burden that climate change has on BIPOC and low-income communities, including adverse health outcomes, increased risks from severe weather, and other negative impacts. We need to transform our systems to

  • adopt just and equitable strategies to mitigate and adapt to climate change threats in all vulnerable communities.
  • increase and protect green, livable spaces.
  • promote affordable, accessible and green transportation systems by eliminating dependence on fossil fuels.
  • mitigate climate change’s risks to food systems and decrease the adverse environmental impacts of food production and distribution.
  • cultivate climate literacy so people understand the threat and are empowered to take action.

Earth Day Boston will lift up our voices to state unequivocally that business as usual must end, the climate crisis must be addressed.


Check our events page for more information. You can watch previous year’s event here.