April 2023
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Apr 16 - 22 2023

Million Pieces of Plastic Week of Action

Join Sierra Club Massachusetts’ Toxics Team for a week of action during Earth Week 2023!

We should be able to walk around our neighborhoods and not see endless plastic litter. Microscopic plastic particles are hurting human health and our environment: Our oceans are drowning in plastic pollution, and oil and consumer products companies are only increasing their use of plastic. Plastic is permanent and toxic, and the only way we make change is with people power.

That’s why this Earth Week, we are asking you to help us bring more people into the fight to stop the oil and gas companies from continuing to accelerate the plastic crisis!

How can you help bring more people into our plastics reduction campaign?

  1. Take a walk outside.
  2. See a piece of plastic pollution on the ground, in a local stream, or up in a tree.
  3. Take a picture of that plastic and upload it into our submission form. We will compile them into an interactive map to provide visual evidence of how plastic pollution is found everywhere across Massachusetts.
  4. Once folks upload their pictures, we will send them easy ways to start taking action on our campaigns, and invite them to become part of our statewide plastics reduction team!

Will you join our #MillionPiecesofPlastic campaign and share this opportunity with your networks?

Sign up for our mailing list to hear more about how to submit your photos and take action as we get closer to Earth Week.

You can also find more information about the project and sample posts to share this opportunity in our Million Pieces of Plastic Toolkit.

The event is finished.