April 2024
see. hear. act.


April is here! And we need your help.

Hello Earth Day Boston supporters,

Global average temperatures hit yet another record high in 2023 and the news features almost daily reports of extreme and sometimes catastrophic weather events across the nation and around the world that will only worsen as the pace of climate change continues to accelerate.  While some progress has been made reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and increasing the use of clean energy such as solar and wind energy, much more progress is needed to slow or reverse the impact of climate change, and time is of the essence.

Earth Day Boston looks forward to our signature event this Saturday April 6th at MIT, an interactive event that hopes to inspire students, teachers, and community members to further climate action and education and to become life-long climate action advocates.

As Earth Month gets under way, expenses are rising and we are hoping you will help by making a donation to Earth Day Boston that will help us spread the word about a number of Earth Day events that raise awareness and promote involvement in climate action. You can donate $54 in honor of the 54th Earth Day or $154, which will help us support free attendance at our conference for youth and educators from around the state. What ever you can afford, we are grateful for your continued support.


Michael Kozuch, President