April 2024
see. hear. act.


Happy Earth Day 2024!

Hello Earth Day Boston Supporters,

Happy Earth Day 2024! I hope you have already celebrated or are planning on celebrating today or throughout the week. The major event in Boston is Extinction Rebellion’s “In Love and Rage” party at 4 pm in Downtown Boston. There is also a movie screening and panel discussion of “Common Ground” at the Boston Common Theater at 6:30 pm sponsored by Soil4Climate, 350MA and MA Sierra Club. Finally, if you can’t go anywhere, you can experience Forest Bathing in your own backyard with Nadine Mazzola via phone or Zoom.

If you miss any of these activities, don’t despair, Earth Day is being celebrated all week. Please check our events page for more ways you can engage with nature and protect our planet. You can help us by donating to Earth Day Boston. We need your support to continue to spread the message of protecting our planet. Carbon dioxide levels have passed a new milestone and although there is very positive news about taking action, we are clearly not doing enough. As a friend posts at the end of his emails, “The planet is outside its comfort zone…we have to be outside ours.” Please do everything you can to support our work and the work of all the organizations fighting for our future.


Michael Kozuch, President

One week to go!

Hello Earth Day Boston!

We have one week to go until Earth Day, however, events are already happening. There are eight events on our events page and even more on Earth Day and after. There is a mix between online and in person events so we hope you will choose one that works for you. Most importantly, we hope that you will make protection of our planet something you do everyday. Check out our take action page to find our how you can make a difference.

We also hope that you will make a contribution to Earth Day Boston to help us continue our work. Every donation goes directly to spreading the Earth Day message.

Thank you for your continued support.


Michael Kozuch, President

Kicking off Earth Month

Dear supporter,

“Hopeful,” “more curious and passionate,” “empowered,” “inspired”, “there are people that really care and are acting now.” These are the comments we received on our evaluation of the conference we hosted on Saturday with our co-sponsors, MIT CATE, MTA CAN and MYCC. It was an incredible day. Students, teachers and community members got together to learn and discuss how to take action in their schools and communities. We are thankful to everyone who attended. Check out the image below or go to our Facebook page to see more. Please help us to continue these events by donating here

April is just beginning and there are so many more events this month. I hope you are making plans to celebrate Earth Day by attending one of the events on our website.


Michael Kozuch, President

April is here! And we need your help.

Hello Earth Day Boston supporters,

Global average temperatures hit yet another record high in 2023 and the news features almost daily reports of extreme and sometimes catastrophic weather events across the nation and around the world that will only worsen as the pace of climate change continues to accelerate.  While some progress has been made reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and increasing the use of clean energy such as solar and wind energy, much more progress is needed to slow or reverse the impact of climate change, and time is of the essence.

Earth Day Boston looks forward to our signature event this Saturday April 6th at MIT, an interactive event that hopes to inspire students, teachers, and community members to further climate action and education and to become life-long climate action advocates.

As Earth Month gets under way, expenses are rising and we are hoping you will help by making a donation to Earth Day Boston that will help us spread the word about a number of Earth Day events that raise awareness and promote involvement in climate action. You can donate $54 in honor of the 54th Earth Day or $154, which will help us support free attendance at our conference for youth and educators from around the state. What ever you can afford, we are grateful for your continued support.


Michael Kozuch, President

New Events Listed!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Whether you are Irish or not, the shamrock is a wonderful symbol of the natural world and the beauty we see in it. When I would find a four leafed clover as a boy, it made me appreciate the rare and beautiful in nature.

Our events page is getting filled up, so please head over to find something to engage in to share your love of nature with others. Whether it’s our Earth Month kick-off event for K-12 teachers and high school students or volunteer activities, there is something for everyone. Be sure to let us know if you have a listing.

Support our efforts here.


Michael Kozuch, President

Earth Day Announcement

We are excited to announce our kick off event for Earth “Month” – a K-12 education and action conference. Building on the success of last year’s conference, we are expanding the workshop offerings and capacity at MIT for our conference on Saturday, April 6th. If you are involved in K-12 schools, please join us by registering here. If you know someone who is involved in K-12 schools, please share this email with them. Registration will end on March 27th.

The conference is focused on climate solutions, education, and action. The day will include workshops from community groups focused on justice, MIT groups, the Massachusetts Youth Climate Coalition, MTA CAN, and an exploration of MIT CATE’s new high school climate curriculum. This interactive event hopes to inspire students, teachers, and community members to further climate action and education. A closing panel on climate solutions will feature MIT faculty and outside guests, with ample space for audience Q&A. 

We are offering this conference for free, but we need your support. Please help us by donating here


Michael Kozuch, President

March and Women’s History

Dear Earth Day Boston community,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. It was certainly feeling like spring!

Although the warmth was enjoyable, it leaves me with a sense of foreboding. March in New England, for the last 30 + years I’ve lived here, is usually the 4th month of winter. However, nothing is usual about this year. We have had months and months of record breaking temperatures across the globe and in the Boston area. Wildfires in Chile, Colombia and Texas are all events I’ve never heard of before.

However, there are positive things happening all around us. Hannah Ritchie, an environmental data scientist gives us all hope. Her book, Ted Talk or Podcast talks about how we can still avoid calamity because of the work that’s being done now. She credits environmental activists and scientists who have sounded the alarm. It is fitting to recognize her during women’s history month, and all the women who have helped wake us up to challenge we must face. Some of my favorites include Eunice Foote, who in 1856 understood the relationship between planetary warming and atmospheric gasses (like CO2 and methane). There are so many more including Rachel Carson, a queer marine biologist and author as well as Wangari Maathai and Greta Thunberg. Celebrate history making women this month! But do more than celebrate. Act.

Help Earth Day Boston continue to fight for equal justice and environmental justice by making a donation today. Every dollar goes to calling for urgent action.


Michael Kozuch, President Earth Day Boston

We knew pollution was bad, but the benefits of reducing it are surprising.

 Dear Earth Day Boston supporter,

If you haven’t seen the most recent The Atlantic article, please check it out. It highlights recent studies that show how important it is for us to reduce pollution for our mental and physical health. In short, it says that reducing pollution, reduces risks for:

  • Suicide
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Dementia
  • Cognitive and behavior problems in children.

Furthermore, companies are fighting regulations that would reduce pollution saying it will cost them $900 million dollars a year to comply. However, the savings society would get from implementing stricter regulations would be about $13 billion dollars a year. It is clear, greening our economy is good for the planet and everyone who inhabits it.

Please help us get this message out to more people by donating to Earth Day Boston. The 54th Earth Day is just two months away and we need your support. A donation of $54 would help us support Earth Month, including our conference for students and educators on April 6th.


Michael Kozuch

Corrected Link

The email that was sent out on Saturday had an incorrect link to our Take Action page. I hope you will check out the corrected link.

Dear Earth Day Boston supporter,

As I write this email, the temperature is pushing 60 degrees Fahrenheit on February 10th. As much as we all love a warm day, this is not normal. While one warm day isn’t a problem, an entire month is. January was the hottest on record. Furthermore, two articles in today’s Boston Globe were particularly alarming. One stated “an abrupt shutdown of Atlantic Ocean currents that could put large parts of Europe in a deep freeze is looking a bit more likely and closer than before as a new complex computer simulation finds a “cliff-like” tipping point looming in the future,” while the other said that the Earth just passed “an ominous boundary.” Although shocking, it did say that with “aggressive action, there is still time to slow the pace of warming and the chaotic impact that can bring.”

It is easy to fall into despair or paralysis when reading stories like this, however, we can’t let this happen. We must take aggressive action to save the planet for ourselves and future generations. Please visit our website’s take action page, where you can find out how to make a difference and stop our planetary meltdown. Earth Day Boston also needs your financial support. We need to get this urgent message out. Please donate here. Each $35 or more donation, allows us to reach more people. Help us cut through the clutter and inspire action.


Michael Kozuch,

Earth Day Boston President


Get Ready!

Dear Earth Day Boston supporter,

Thank you for your continued support of Earth Day Boston.  We are just beginning to ramp up for Earth Day Boston 2022 and we want to hear from you!  Please fill out this 2 question survey to help us determine the best course of action to raise awareness about the climate emergency. 

We look forward to hearing from you and launching our next phase of Earth Day Boston.


Michael Kozuch
Earth Day Boston President