April 2024
see. hear. act.


March and Women’s History

Dear Earth Day Boston community,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. It was certainly feeling like spring!

Although the warmth was enjoyable, it leaves me with a sense of foreboding. March in New England, for the last 30 + years I’ve lived here, is usually the 4th month of winter. However, nothing is usual about this year. We have had months and months of record breaking temperatures across the globe and in the Boston area. Wildfires in Chile, Colombia and Texas are all events I’ve never heard of before.

However, there are positive things happening all around us. Hannah Ritchie, an environmental data scientist gives us all hope. Her book, Ted Talk or Podcast talks about how we can still avoid calamity because of the work that’s being done now. She credits environmental activists and scientists who have sounded the alarm. It is fitting to recognize her during women’s history month, and all the women who have helped wake us up to challenge we must face. Some of my favorites include Eunice Foote, who in 1856 understood the relationship between planetary warming and atmospheric gasses (like CO2 and methane). There are so many more including Rachel Carson, a queer marine biologist and author as well as Wangari Maathai and Greta Thunberg. Celebrate history making women this month! But do more than celebrate. Act.

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Michael Kozuch, President Earth Day Boston