April 2024
see. hear. act.


Corrected Link

The email that was sent out on Saturday had an incorrect link to our Take Action page. I hope you will check out the corrected link.

Dear Earth Day Boston supporter,

As I write this email, the temperature is pushing 60 degrees Fahrenheit on February 10th. As much as we all love a warm day, this is not normal. While one warm day isn’t a problem, an entire month is. January was the hottest on record. Furthermore, two articles in today’s Boston Globe were particularly alarming. One stated “an abrupt shutdown of Atlantic Ocean currents that could put large parts of Europe in a deep freeze is looking a bit more likely and closer than before as a new complex computer simulation finds a “cliff-like” tipping point looming in the future,” while the other said that the Earth just passed “an ominous boundary.” Although shocking, it did say that with “aggressive action, there is still time to slow the pace of warming and the chaotic impact that can bring.”

It is easy to fall into despair or paralysis when reading stories like this, however, we can’t let this happen. We must take aggressive action to save the planet for ourselves and future generations. Please visit our website’s take action page, where you can find out how to make a difference and stop our planetary meltdown. Earth Day Boston also needs your financial support. We need to get this urgent message out. Please donate here. Each $35 or more donation, allows us to reach more people. Help us cut through the clutter and inspire action.


Michael Kozuch,

Earth Day Boston President